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Morphe X Jeffree: The Jeffree Star Brush Collection

Morphe X Jeffree: The Jeffree Star Brush Collection

Get the pro look with the Morphe X Jeffree: The Jeffree Star Brush Collection

The Morphe X Jeffree collaboration has got everyone talking, and the Morphe X Jeffree: The Jeffree Star Brush Collection is just one of the soon-to-be-cult products that has come out of this hookup. We are totally bowled over by this set of brushes, and we’re pretty sure you will be too. No-one does makeup quite like Jeffree Star, so if you’re inspired by his shock beauty techniques and his incredible talent with makeup, it’s time to tool up with the right equipment. The Jeffree Star Brush Collection will get you firmly on track.

What’s in the Jeffree Star Brush Collection?

There are seven sensational brushes in this collection, each one carefully designed for a specific makeup task. The supersized foundation brush has oh-so-fluffy bristles that will get you blending and buffing like the pros. The Point-Blank Precision Brush gets right to those hard-to-reach spots for flawless coverage with powders, whilst the Crease Kween Brush is another buffer brush for tricky places.

Then there’s a blender brush, a contour brush and a highlighter brush, each designed to give professional and creative results for any makeup style. Finally, there’s the Double Trouble Brush, which is, as the name suggests, a double-ended brush.  One end works brilliantly at grooming your brows, whilst the other end is just perfect for filling in any weaker parts of your brows, or adding highlighter or concealer to make the best of your brow area.

All of these gorgeous brushes are stored in a shocking pink bag, with a silver hologram detail to it. There’s no mistaking that this bag is a Jeffree Star design, and it has his personality and individuality all over it. Don’t think you can get this bag out in front of your friends without them noticing – that’s just not the way that Jeffree does things!

Celebrity collaborations can sometimes be a little bit hit and miss, but with Morphe X Jeffree: The Jeffree Star Brush Collection, nothing could be further from the truth. These are Morphe brushes through and through – not some inferior product designed just to put a celebrity name to. Expect the same great Morphe quality that made this company such a hit, but with an added twist of Jeffree’s legendary experience and talent thrown into the mix.

The Morphe X Jeffree: The Jeffree Star Brush Collection makes a great gift for anyone who’s serious about their makeup – and if that’s you, it may be time to start dropping hints!

Firas Aldalou

Firas Aldalou

Writer and expert