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Shea Moisture – Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Style

Shea Moisture – Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Style
Team LF
Writer and expert4 years ago
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Take control of your curly hair with Shea Moisture

If your curly hair is a real pain sometimes, look no further than Shea Moisture, a haircare brand with a whole host of specialist products to get curly hair under control.

It’s a fact of life that women with straight hair spend a lot of time wishing they could have naturally curly hair, at least for a while, whilst those of us who are blessed with curly hair spend an equal amount of time cursing our curly locks - especially when the weather turns them into a frizzy mess or they start to look lank and heavy a day after washing. But no matter what type of curly hair you have, from loose, flowing locks to tight, curly coils, Shea Moisture’s Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Shine Style Milk is well worth a try.

What’s in Shea Moisture’s Style Milk?

The coconut and hibiscus oils in this product work hard to control frizz, and to give volume and shine to your curly hair. Silk protein and neem oil also help nourish your hair, and make tangles and breaks a thing of the past. Of course, there’s also a liberal amount of organic shea butter in there too - it wouldn’t be a Shea Moisture product without shea butter, right? Finally, extracts of sage leaf, carrot seed oil and aloe all combine to help define those curls and add volume and bounce.

Our verdict

Women with curly hair receive compliments on their gorgeous locks all the time, but few people realise that curly hair can involve a lot of hard work. Step outside on a damp morning, and your hair turns to a frizzy mess in an instant. If it’s windy, you’re lost in a tangle of knots before you know it. Don’t wash your hair for a day and you have a dank, lank problem. That’s why if you do have curly hair, you need to invest in the right products - products that are specially formulated with your hair type in mind. Post-shampoo treatments are particularly important for curly hair, as it’s at that stage that you can really make a big difference.

We found that this Curl and Shine Style Milk really did add sheen and volume, especially if we hadn’t washed our hair for a couple of days. It leaves your hair feeling soft and bouncy, but without frizz or flyaway curls. It has a fresh scent that we loved, and it goes a long, long way.

So, if you’re fed up of curly hair problems and you want to regain control, try this Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Style Milk, from Shea Moisture. We think you’ll like it!



Team LF
Writer and expert
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