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Male Grooming: How to Tame your Beard

Male Grooming: How to Tame your Beard
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The LOOKFANTASTIC blog is a growing hub of advice for all things beauty, and we thought it was time to cater to our male audience with some male grooming tips and tricks. Starting with the frequently asked question of 'how do I tame my beard?', we've put together a guide which details the best methods and essential products to keep your beard looking fresh and well-groomed.

Beard Trimming

Using an electric beard trimmer has multiple benefits. Allowing you to achieve a close shave without skin irritation, or trim down your beard to a better length, it's a handy piece of tech to have in your grooming kit. Beard trimmers also often come with a variety of settings, so you can adjust according to your beard length and density, and target more precise areas such as behind the neck, around the ears, and the eyebrows. The results are fast, accurate and smooth.

Beard Care

It takes time and effort to keep your beard looking smooth and well-kept, and we've selected the best beard maintenance products to achieve superior results.

Beard Shampoo

You might think that it's fine to apply traditional shampoo to your beard, but it's much kinder to your skin underneath to use a Beard Shampoo. Using fresh and natural ingredients to cleanse and revitalize, the results will be more effective and create a professional-looking finish. The Hawkins & Brimble Natural Beard Shampoo is infused with Ginger Root Extract which works to gently cleanse and help alleviate the feeling of dry skin.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil makes sure the hair stays nourished, smelling amazing, and with a healthy finish. We recommend using this every day after showering, applying just a few drops to the palms and massaging in.

The L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard Oil is a great choice, as it uses 88% natural ingredients to instantly condition and soften your beard without looking or feeling greasy. We also recommend the Ecooking Men Beard & Body Oil,  which can be used as beard oil, body oil, or shaving oil. The lemon scent is energising and not overpowering.

Beard Styling

Beard Brush

By using a beard comb or beard brush, this instantly makes the beard look more polished and cared for. It also lightly exfoliates, which can in time improve the rate of beard growth. The Tom Ford Beard Comb is easy to use and feels gentle to the skin underneath, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Beard Balm

Styling your beard doesn't have to be complicated, it's all about tailoring your routine to your hair type, beard length and style preferences. Beard Balms provide intense hydration, shape and styling hold, and are ideal to use alongside a beard brush. Apply sparingly, adding more product as you style into your desired beard shape.

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