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Discover our collection of haircare treatments, designed to get your hair back on top form.
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Treatments work on different platforms to give you optimal results with every use.
Treatments designed for All Hair Types are formulated with properties designed to target all types of hair; giving generic results to any hair problem.
Black Hair treatments provide your dark hair with a shine increasing treat, ensuring that your hair doesn't appear dull or fading, this treatment boosts pigment for a true impact finish.
Coloured Hair needs that little bit extra to really shine and overflow with vibrancy; with these treatments you can repair damage and bring colour back to life as often as you need.
Treat your Damaged Hair with a deeply penetrating formula with rich ingredients that work into your damaged hair to replenish, repair and restore your hair.
Take your Fine Hair to another level with these treatments designed to add body and life to your hair.
Heat Defence treatments fight back against damage caused by heat exposure, from styling to blow drying, your hair needs that extra added protection to ensure it remains smooth and healthy.
Leave In Treatments go further than any other treatment to nourish and protect your hair, restoring your hair back to full health.
Oily Hair works on restoring and re-balancing your hair to rid it of unwanted shine and oil to ensure your hair is always looking clean and healthy.
A Sensitive Scalp needs relieving from irritation and itchiness with a soothing and calming formula.
Sun & Water Care treatments fight against the sun, sea and chlorine to keep your hair healthy on holiday.
Anti-Dandruff treatments banish the flakes to ensure you're stress free and flake free every day.
Blonde Hair treatments keep your hair from turning brassy and protect your hair from damage.
Curly & Wavy Hair treatments perfect your ringlets and waves to leave your curly hair looking full of bounce and volume.
Dry hair treatments provide thirsty hair with moisture and hydration need to look healthy every day.
Frizzy hair treatments banish the frizz and leave you in control of how your hair styles.
Highlighted Hair treatments leave your colour looking fresh whilst repairing any damage caused by the chemical exposure.
For Mature hair these treatments work on the ageing process that hair goes through to leave hair less brittle, full of hydration and brimming with youthful energy.
Organic & Natural treatments use only the purest of ingredients found on the earth to give you deeply penetrating nourishment.
Split Ends are the enemy of healthy hair, causing hair to fray and break, these treatments target the ends to really ensure hair is healthy from root to tip.
Thinning & Hair Losstreatments specialise in stimulating hair growth, maximising coverage on your scalp to give you a fuller and lifted finish.