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Discover brighter, softer and renewed skin with a huge range of Exfoliators to choose from.

Never forget to exfoliate! A key step in any skincare routine should be exfoliation – it’s absolutely vital for enhancing and rejuvenating your skin. It really is the first step on your way to radiant skin.

Exfoliating face scrubs work to remove any dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, resulting in a brighter and fresher appearance. Exfoliating also deeply cleanses your skin to get rid of any lingering traces of makeup, dirt and any other impurities that may have become clogged in your pores, leaving your face feeling revitalised, cleansed and soft to touch! They also boosts your texture and skin tone, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines which may be appearing.

Regularly using an exfoliator in in your skincare routine significantly reduces the chances of your skin appearing dull or experiencing frequent acne breakouts. You can use an exfoliator after cleansing or before, it's up to you! If you cleanse first for example, you’ll start with a fresh slate so your exfoliator can dive into your pores. If you exfoliate first and then cleanse, you’ll wash away any dead skin cells, excess oil or other impurities lifted by the exfoliator.

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