Heal Gel

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Heal Gel

Containing a professionally formulated range of ingredients, Heal Gel has been specifically designed to target broken and damaged skin. Working to rebuild, protect and rejuvenate the skins layers to aid the natural healing process.
Heal Gel contains 5 key ingredients:

- Arnica Liposome, A natural stimulant for your skin this strengthens your capillaries whilst reducing puffiness and discolouration.

- Biodynes, Containing metabolic stimulating substances that increase cell respiration and promote cell renewal.

- Glisten P4, A neuropeptide that defends cells from external aggressors such as free radicals.

- Haloxyl, A tetrapeptide that reduces swelling and puffiness under your eyes.

- Madecassoside, A extracted ingedient from Centella Asiatica, this is the most potent in Heal Gel. Soothing irritation, sensitivity and redness whilst reducing the natural signs of aging.

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