grüum - for every bit of every body.

grüum is a young British brand that was founded by four friends from Manchester. Four friends who gave up their jobs, invested their savings and decided to challenge the status quo in the beauty industry.

grüum create clean skincare, haircare, suncare and shaving products that are kind to skin, and our planet.

Inspired by Scandinavian ideals, they’ve pledged to only create products that serve a real purpose. Using only quality ingredients, they cut out the gimmicks and lose the labels. At grüum, they don't make things “for him” or “for her”, they make them for everyone, with one fair price for all.

All of the brand’s products are free from chemical nasties and are packed full of natural ingredients making them kinder to your skin. They use recyclable materials wherever they can, and avoid excess packaging. Their unique space-saving tubes are more efficient to transport and wherever possible they make their products in the UK keeping emissions to a minimum.

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