At Instant Effects we do things differently.

For over 25 years, Founder, Richard Mears formulated products for some of the most renowned brands in the industry. However, it was clear that he was being asked to create products that placed profit over results. He set out to create a brand that delivers on the promises it makes and Instant Effects was born.

Instant Effects’ products are created to actually deliver on their promises, and every claim made is independently clinically proven. We do not make copy claims.

The secret to Instant Effects’ amazing results is the unique and complex combinations of the finest active ingredients, their unrivalled inclusion levels, PLUS our patented OX2 Technology.

What’s more, instead of artificially masking the signs of ageing, which over time can be more damaging – Instant Effects create products that offer long term, cumulative benefits, that actually turn back the clock on your skin.

Our products are cruelty free & manufactured in the UK.