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The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum

The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum
Team LF
Writer and expert5 years ago
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Beautifully hydrated skin is easy with The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum

If you’re not up with all the latest skincare trends, The INKEY List hyaluronic acid serum might sound a little bit like a throwback to those school chemistry lessons from back in the day, rather than something that could give you smooth, healthy-looking, hydrated skin. But this clever serum has an army of loyal fans who have been won over by the amazing properties of hyaluronic acid, and The INKEY List’s awesome product range. Let’s take a closer look…

Why choose The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum?

The hyaluronic acid in this serum actually attracts water, allowing the skin to retain moisture and rebuild its own natural protection and elasticity. The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum contains a 2% hyaluronic acid formula, which penetrates deep into the skin to provide extensive hydration. Dry skin becomes a thing of the past, and instead, skin is left plumped, radiant and smooth. Fine lines are reduced, and various other signs of ageing are all diminished too.

The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum is suitable for all skin types. It might seem strange to think about hydrating oily skins, but actually oily skin can suffer from dehydration just as much as dry or combination skin types, and that can make things even worse in terms of excess sebum production. A hyaluronic acid serum can help all skin types to achieve that flawless, super-smooth look that we all crave.

Use The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum daily

For best use, it’s always sensible to use any skincare product regularly, according to the instructions on the product. With The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum, you apply a tiny amount (the size of a pea) twice a day, immediately after cleansing and toning, tapping with your fingertip around your skin to apply the serum. Then, simply use your regular moisturisers to complete your skincare routine.

After just a few days of regular use, your skin will really start to feel supple and healthy, with a youthful glow that will definitely get noticed. We’ve heard really positive things about this serum, even from people with sensitive skin, and we think it’s a great all-round hydrating serum to have in your routine. Plumped, younger-looking skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles - who could ask for more, especially at the incredible price that this product sells for.

Check out The INKEY List Hyaluronic acid serum for yourself - you’ll be glad you followed our advice!


Team LF
Writer and expert
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