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Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash

Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash
Team LF
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Aesop body care - nourishing body and mind with expert botanical formulas

Skincare shouldn’t just be about taking care of your face - let the Aesop body care range take care of your hands and body.

All too often, when we think of skincare, we concentrate on our faces - with a rigorous cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, regular facials and deep-action peels to keep our skin in peak condition. Yet, when it comes to our hands, we tend to forget that they need just as much care and attention. Our hands take a lot of punishment, and they can really let down our look if we don’t take care of them. It’s no use going all-out with some fancy new nails if your hands look tired, rough and in desperate need of some TLC.

The place to start with a good handcare routine is choosing how you wash your hands. Our hands have a tough time of it anyway, so exposing them to harsh treatment from inferior liquid soaps could actually be making things worse. If you’re serious about improving your hands, you should think carefully about your hand wash.

In depth: Resurrection Hand Wash from the Aesop body care range

This Resurrection Hand Wash, from the Aesop body care range, has a gentle but powerful blend of natural, botanical ingredients to cleanse and protect your hands. Extracts of rosemary and mandarin provide natural anti-bacterial cleansing, whilst lavender soothes and calms your skin. Those lavender, rosemary and mandarin oils also work hard to moisturise your skin, preventing your hands from becoming dry. The overall fragrance of this hand wash is gentle, relaxing and energising. Washing your hands goes from an ordinary task to a revitalising experience and a ritual of gentle care.


Ideal for people with sensitive skin, or those with dry and damaged skin, the Resurrection Hand Wash will cleanse your hands thoroughly, and leave them softer and more supple.

The price tag on this will leave some people wincing, but it’s important to remember that this is a big 500ml bottle, and you really only need a very small squirt of the product each time you wash your hands - a little really does go a long way, and you’ll find that a single bottle will last for months.

About the Aesop body care range

When you look at the Aesop body care range, you can tell just how serious the brand is about its botanical background. Aesop is all about those traditional herbal ingredients, blended using the very latest scientific knowledge and experience to deliver products that combine the best of the old and the new. Packaging in the Aesop body care range harks back to times gone by, with amber-coloured bottles and a very utilitarian branding style that reinforces Aesop’s professional credentials.

If you’re ready to start taking care of your hands, this Resurrection Hand Wash from the Aesop body care range should definitely be on your shopping list.


Team LF
Writer and expert
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